How to create an account


To Access the system, take a minute to create an account by following these steps: 

 1. Click on: "Create new account". 

 2. Fill in you data in the Registration Form. Make sure to enter your information correctly, since it will be used in preparing reports and/or certificates. 

 3. The system will send you an e-mail to verify whether your address is correct. 

 4. Read the e-mail and confirm your registry. 

 5. Once your registry has been confirmed, the Site’s Administration will allow you access to the course wherein you have registered.

Important Information

The space ID Number corresponds to your citizen identification number. In some countries it is called: cédula, DNI, clave única de registro de población, carteira de identidade. Therefore, you should include it as it appears in said document (commas, periods, hyphens, letters). This information is private and can only be accessed by the Site´s Administration for the issuance of the certificates. Remember to fill in correctly your Name and Surname since they will be used in preparing the certificates.